Performance in Concrete & Stone

DRILTEC rotary hammer accessories, chisels, and concrete & masonry drill bits are designed and engineered in accordance to power tool manufacturer’s specifications and licenses in order to maximize as well as optimize rotary hammer performance. Throughout the production processes strict quality assurance programs are enforced to ensure consistency and superior standard of quality. Research, modern production techniques combined with the latest in manufacturing equipment are put to work in the manufacture of highest quality DRILTEC™ carbide tipped drill bits and chisels. Only high grade chrome-nickel-molybdenum steels, computer driven milling stations and most modern vacuum brazing and hardening techniques are applied in the manufacture of DRILTEC carbide bits. DRILTEC™ is the professional’s choice when drilling concrete and masonry.

Driltec™ is the Revolution In
Cutting Concrete Embedded Rebar!

We are the Revolution In Cutting Concrete Embedded Rebar!

Our Ratio RebarCUTTER™ is made to be used with engaged hammer action in SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drills, providing continuous drilling without change of drill mode. Our durable and uniquely aggressive carbide tips with our reduced shank provide less friction on the hole walls and optimizes performance.
Our ADX small diameter SDS-Plus concrete drill bits allow for drilling concrete-embedded rebar and concrete metal deck. In addition, the unique and extremely wear resistant carbide tip design provides for an unsurpassed service life in concrete and stone. ADX drill bits neatly extend the size range of our very successful RL style RebarCUTTER™ for larger diameter holes.